Upgrading our systems and servers for better efficiency and consolidation 

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David, Neal, Martyn, and Denis spent the whole day doubling the capacity of our cloud, upgrading key equipment, wading through miles of cables to ensure that we bring our clients the best possible service from our data center. With over 2.5 billion Internet users worldwide we need to ensure that the centers we use can withstand the increasing amount of data usage and storage. Obviously, we don’t have to deal with the 2.5 billion but we certainly make sure our numerous clients receive the best possible data storage service from us. To help you understand a little more about why we make these regular and important upgrades we’ve written about some key reasons below. 



The total number of network-connected devices under management with Cloudy Group is increasing significantly, which has created more data to store and process. Disaster recovery is also increasingly a top priority and our data center holds capacity for this too.  In the US alone nearly 3 million data centers help power their economy thus making their lives easier. 




So naturally – we want to make your lives easier and the best thing to do was to upgrade our data center.  In a recent survey conducted by TechTarget (which covers the latest industry news, technologies, and trends that impact today’s IT professionals) 44% of respondents said the reason they upgraded was due to increased apps and data coming into their centers. 




It’s a common fact that servers consume a huge amount of energy in a data center – usually, the memory components and processors and upgrading servers can reduce the energy consumption. For us, it’s not only about a more efficient data center its’ also about decreasing the energy usage. This is done by using more efficient server models like Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS). 


We store a lot of yours and our information in the cloud so our data center networks needed to be upgraded to support this. By modernising old power and cooling equipment and embracing emerging technologies—such as economisers—many data centers can conserve increasingly scarce energy resourcesUsing our cloud storage, we offer improved scalability and agility that you can’t really get from the traditional in-house storage solutions, which is another reason why we work diligently to improve our facilities on a regular basis. 

By Sam Hall

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