Live from the #SLCCPractitioners

Creative Director, Martyn Thompson, and I are here in Kenilworth for the first of two days exhibiting to local council clerks from England and Wales. The 2018 SLCC Practitioners’ Conference is the second SLCC event that CloudyGroup have attended and it’s been great to see some familiar faces from the SLCC National Conference last October as well as meet new council clerks and exhibitors alike. The event is being hosted at Chesford Grange Hotel just outside Kenilworth in a chilly and slightly overcast Warwickshire and has welcomed over 180 delegates from councils of all sizes.


Already today we’ve been delighted to speak to council clerks who juggle their time between half a dozen small rural parishes as well as those working with a whole team who represent large towns and districts. From as far afield as Wrexham, Penzance, Cumbria and Kent, all the delegates we have met at today’s exhibition have been friendly and welcoming, often reminding us that we’re “the newcomers”, and have been really enthusiastic to hear about the services that CloudyGroup have to offer.


The hot topic of conversation at this year’s Practitioners’ Conference has been, as expected, GDPR. I was fortunate enough to attend the fantastic GDPR seminar to local council clerks from Nicholas Hancox Solicitors, delivered by Nicholas Hancox himself, which seemed to clarify much confusion circulating around the subject, and offer plenty of reassurance to the clerks. We have also been really lucky to be able to explain how CloudyGroup are well equipped to help the sector achieve GDPR compliance ahead of the deadline of 25th May 2018 when the new Data Protection Act is expected to come into force.


Tonight, Martyn and I are really looking forward to letting our hair down and getting to know some of the local council clerks better at the Networking Dinner hosted by SLCC here at Chesford Grange. We hope it will be a great opportunity to build upon our relationships with existing council clients as well as meeting some new ones and really getting to grips with the challenges facing the sector today. I only hope Martyn is on his best behaviour …


–Beth Jeremy, Marketing Executive