Viprinet Technical Partner Training

Managing Director David Hall and Operations Director Neal Pallet, spent two days this February Visiting the headquarters of Viprinet. Cloudy Group is proud technical partners with Viprinet who are based in Bingen, Germany, and are one of our main suppliers of hardware for the fast, reliable and secure connections we provide for our clients.


The main reason they were visiting is to take part in two days of technical partner training, which is essential to stay up to date with the products we supply and also to ensure we are trained to the highest level. Cloudy IT use the Viprinet products – SDWAN – to help provide Bonded Internet for businesses with challenging connectivity requirements. These are often clients whose premises are rural and have difficulty connecting to the internet because fibre has not been installed nearby.


The training group consisted of the core partners from across Europe all committed to providing the best service to their customers. There was the opportunity to network with the other partners and share knowledge and experience about using the Viprinet products. The common theme was that using Viprinet products meant that Cloudy IT and the other delegates can ensure fast, reliable, cost-effective, and secure data connections—site-to-site, mobile, and portable for their clients. They also had ample time to really drill down into the products and how to get the best out of them.


Naturally, there was more than just the training, and during their downtime, David and Neal made the most of the local cuisine – yes, they went for a Chinese meal! Not quite sauerkraut and Bratwurst and Rostbratwurst sausages but they enjoyed the meal (and beverages) none the less.


Both Neal and David completed their trading successfully and were duly awarded their certificates complete with a gold seal and a handshake from the trainer. They both agreed that this training was well worth taking two days out of the office as the knowledge they have brought back with them has been invaluable and will make a real difference to the service they provide.

See their training in photos here


-Sam Hall, Lead Copywriter