Creating coders of the future with Cloudy Academy

This morning saw the first Coders Club, part of Cloudy Academy which was held at Bourton Meadow School in Buckingham.


This amazing workshop lasted 2 hours and the children leave with worksheets to take away and try at home and hopefully a newfound knowledge of coding. Our newest Cloudy Group engineer Charlie joined award-winning educational software developer, Mark Vanstone, from Technovisual, Matt and Sam from S4A and 12 enthusiastic children eager to learn!


Our aim is to inspire a new generation of young minds to get excited about computing and the digital world. Cloudy Academy works in the local community to support and encourage activities for young people, and we are so grateful that Buckingham Town Mayor Jon Harvey has this same ethos. He has been busy promoting the Coders Club and joined us for the first session this morning and enjoyed it so much he may well stay for this afternoons’ one!


All children should have the opportunity to learn how to code, regardless of who they are or where they come from. This club gives the children the opportunity to share ideas and build their knowledge of coding. They also got to hang out with their friends during the half-term break and to learn something new.


Using Raspberry Pi to help them learn programming was a key part of the day. Raspberry Pi is a small and affordable computer that the children used to help them learn programming. Another great part of this club today was that so many girls attended. There are so many girl coders out there and we hope today has inspired girls to realise girls code too! We’re looking forward to many more Coders Clubs this Summer, so if you’d like more information about this and Cloudy Academy just visit here.