Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

At Cloudy IT we are proud to offer Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), an all in a one identity mobile management and security solution from Microsoft which is licensed on a per user base.  


In today’s world the majority of employees in our workforce prefer to be able to have the flexibility to work and complete tasks on the go. Using Laptops or mobile phones gives us that flexibility. However, this rise comes with an increased security risk. And since mobile devices are so small, it’s easier to lose them—and the data they contain. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is the solution to all these problems. The cloud-based program promotes mobility while ensuring security, allowing administrators to easily manage accounts, change passwords, and monitor data. 


What is included? 


Azure Active Directory Premium   

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive, highly available identity and access management cloud solution. It includes core directory services, advanced identity governance, and application access management. You can manage your network without a server.  


Azure Rights Management (RMS)    

Azure rights management helps secure your data such as files and emails by using authorisation policies, encryption and identity even when it has left your network. This will also help you stay compliant with new GDPR regulations. 


Advanced Threat Analytics 

ATA provides information on what is happening within your network by identifying suspicious user and device activity.  Built-in intelligence helps against targeted attacks by automatically analysing, learning, and identifying normal and abnormal entity (user, devices, and resources) behaviour. 


Intune MDM – Mobile Device Management  

Microsoft Intune manages and protects data and application on any device including mobiles, tablets and laptops. Deploy, manage and even wipe corporate data from any managed device. 


SSO Single Sign On  

Centrally managed passwords for all your applications across all your devices. Self-service portal providing secure single sign on to all your applications.  


The Benefits of EMS 


Managing Applications 

EMS is integrated with more than 2500 of the leading SaaS applications. This means companies can provide more customized application packages to their users, all with single sign-on enabled. 


Work anywhere, anytime 

With an EMS system, employees can access their data and applications from literally anywhere in the world. Working from the comfort of your own home has never been easier!  


Single sign-on 

With single-sign on, employees can access all their registered applications with just a single identity. Ultimately, this simplifies identity management and enhances employee productivity. 


Data protection 

EMS is easily integrated with Android, IOS, or Windows operating systems. It provides protection to all these devices and with remote data wiping, usage alerts and notifications, active threat analytics, and data tracking, EMS ensures that all your company data remains protected. 


Reduced costs 

Perhaps the most important benefit of EMS is the reduced cost of managing teams. With EMS, the cost of infrastructure decreases, as all data are shifted to the cloud. IT departments also no longer having to worry about micromanaging users. Above all, EMS helps companies save considerable sums by reducing the risk of data breaches. 



These are just some of the main benefits of EMS. In short, EMS aligns your business with modern workplace requirements. If even some of your employees work remotely and use mobile devices, as many people do nowadays, integrating EMS is essential to ensuring that your data remains protected at all times. 


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