Cloudy Academy’s Local Enterprise Engagement Program Gets off to a Flying Start!

Cloudy Academy's Local Enterprise Engagement Program Gets off to a Flying Start!

Cloudy Academy’s Local Enterprise Engagement Program Gets off to a Flying Start!

The Cloudy Academy was born out of our belief in investing in the future of digital services and encouraging entrepreneurship. Having built up a fantastic network of partnerships with local councils and higher education bodies we are now able to provide young people with real-world work experience in the industry, apprenticeship opportunities and dedicated training to help them enhance their passion for digital solutions, IT, telecommunications and creative media.


The Mandeville School in Aylesbury took part in the APPrentice Challenge last year and as part of the Cloudy Academy’s commitment to engage with the students further, the winning ten students were invited into our offices last week to meet our team – most of whom started out as apprentices themselves – and to continue building their winning ‘Exam Revision Aid’ App. They also visited Buckingham Universities computing department, meeting lecturers to deepen their understanding of the industry.


To further enrich the experience the students were then briefed by Sally McLellan, Clerk of Wolverton Council, to develop an App that serves the local community. This exclusive opportunity enables these young entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of what it’s like to manage an App building project from the initial client brief, to conception, development, testing and launch. The App will be delivered to the council at a hand over ceremony with the Mayor on the 21st May and we at the Cloudy Academy are proud to be supporting the students with our shared knowledge and expertise every step of the way to help nurture the minds of these future technology prodigies!


The Cloudy Academy is inspired by Cloudy Director – David Hall’s own experience of entering the IT industry, “I started my career though similar opportunities, learning hand’s on within the industry was extremely powerful and to be able to help the next generation of business men and women fills me with immense pride.”


Teacher David Cockroft of Mandeville School followed the event by saying, “A massive thank you to you and your colleagues for last week and your positive comments. Students spoke highly of their experience.“


The Cloudy Academy is split into three main areas, Coding Clubs, Local Enterprise and School Engagement providing local schools with Digital Education Programmes to help students develop the skills they need to enter the modern digital workplace. This is an ever-evolving project centred on the APPrentice Challenge, which is an on-site programme that we bring to local schools to provide Key Stage 4 students a unique opportunity to try the latest Microsoft tools and tech. Their newfound knowledge and expertise is then put to the test as the students are split into teams of ten to compete against each other by creating and developing a new App. The competitive nature of the challenge gives students a practical education in teamwork, organisation and business skills as their outstanding achievements are recognised. All students are encouraged to celebrate their new skills and winning individuals and the school rewards each team.

Having meet the students we are super excited to see what they have produced! Seeing such innovative ideas from young people is fantastic and we are very fortunate to be part of this exciting project. My vehicle which will be hired using this app is being delivered as we speak.


– Sally McLellan PSLCC – Town Clerk – Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council

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