Coding Clubs

A collaborative approach to learning computer coding



CloudyGroup provides a vital support hub for Coding Clubs across north Buckinghamshire by coordinating clubs, providing useful resources and helping people to access their nearest coding events.

What is a coding Club?


A coding club aims to introduce computer coding by inspiring you to learn through play and sharing knowledge.


Anyone who attends our Coding Clubs get to experiment with code and invent fun new programmes that inspire them to want to learn, build new digital skills and improve their confidence working with others.

How CloudyGroup is involved


CloudyGroup invests in the future of digital services through Cloudy Academy which helps young people to develop their passion for information computer technology (ICT) and connect them to the modern digital workplace.


We want this programme of learning to start as early as possible in a child’s life to give them greater opportunities for STEM – related work in future. Our work with local businesses, schools and coding clubs across Buckinghamshire aims to do this by introducing the next generation to computing and learning to code.


Our trainers are qualified IT professionals and software developers equipped to make computer coding fun and help creative learning and practical employment of computer coding technology.

We work with organisations and the general public to facilitate coding clubs.

Helping you to find your nearest coding club


  • Linking schools, groups and individuals to their nearest relevant coding club
  • Helping adults and children to book a coding club event
  • Providing one “go to” place for anyone to create a “pop-up” coding club to bring it to your school, organisation or private function

Supporting coding clubs to setup and manage events


  • Helping to setup new coding clubs across Buckinghamshire
  • Coordinating coding clubs with a joined-up strategy that helps to collaborate on times/dates and coding languages offered
  • Providing coding clubs with resource support such as equipment, teaching experts and marketing

Opportunities & Benefits of CloudyGroup Coding Clubs

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