Data Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy


1. In line with current UK legislation, CloudyGroup (hereafter referred to as “the company” or “we”) defines personal data as any information that could be used to define a natural person. This includes but is not limited to: name, address, IP address, banking details etc.


2. In order to fulfil our contractual obligation to our customers, CloudyGroup deems it necessary to hold specific personal data on our customers. The data that we hold includes:

  1. Name – we hold this in order to know the name of our customers
  2. Address – we hold this in order to visit your address to carry out the duties of our contract with you where necessary, as well as for verification purposes
  3. Date of birth – we may hold this in order to verify customers’ identity for security reasons
  4. Telephone number – we hold this in order to contact customers regarding work
  5. Email address – we hold this in order to contact customers regarding work; we also hold this for our IT support and customer verification purposes
  6. Passwords – we hold this in order to quickly access customers systems to resolve technological issues; please refer to our Passwords Policy for further information
  7. Bank account details – we hold this information in order to carry out transactions for payment and/or refunds with our clients
  8. Company information – we hold information about the structure and organisation of customer businesses for the purpose of tailoring a bespoke service to individual customers.


3) CloudyGroup uses a variety of secure cloud-based systems to store client data and reserves the right to upgrade our data storage and protection system periodically at the company’s discretion. Access to personal data is restricted to staff members on a need-to-know basis.


4) CloudyGroup holds this personal data for no less than 7 years after the termination of our contract with customers for auditing purposes.


5) To discover what personal data CloudyGroup holds, customers must request in writing (letter or email) addressed to the Managing Director, Creative Director or Technical Director who will respond to all reasonable requests within 30 days. In the case of requests that are considered unreasonable or repetitive in nature, CloudyGroup reserve the right to refuse the information request; in this instance you will be notified in writing the reason for the refusal.


6) CloudyGroup are committed to preserving the security and privacy of our customers and will not hold data unnecessarily or without legitimate reason. CloudyGroup employ the latest and most robust data security measures to minimise the risk of data breach. In the event of a data breach of customers’ personal data, CloudyGroup aim to notify all affected individuals within 14 days of the breach taking place.



To measure interactions with, and how you share our content on social networks.


To target social advertising to users that have previously visited our website and shown interesting in our products and services. 

“Necessary for our legitimate interests (to allow users to click through to, follow and like, or share our content on social media). Data is collected by social media platforms when users use their share, like and follow buttons. For access to this information, or to opt out, users can adjust their account settings on the relevant platforms.” 

To target social advertising to users that have previously visited our website and shown interesting in our products and services. 

“Necessary for our legitimate interests (to define customer types and serve relevant messaging to users that are interesting in our products & services). No Identity or contact data is used in this process. Users can opt out of processing in this way by blocking cookies.” 




Cookie Policy  


In order to allow functionality from social media networks such as LinkedIn, third party cookies are used on the Cloudy IT website. We have no control over these third party cookies. To find out more about any third party cookie it is advisable to visit the respective site and to review their individual cookie policy.