Cloudy Enterprise Academy

Investing in young people and a community of digital education programmes

Who we are


Here at CloudyGroup we believe in investing in the future of digital services and passing on our knowledge and expertise. With many of our own team coming from apprenticeships themselves, we are dedicated to training young people and developing their passion for digital solutions, IT, telecommunications and creative media.


We are invested in working with our local community to engage young people in tech and connect with organisations that can help encourage entrepreneurship. From coordinating coding clubs and digital education programmes in schools to creating real-world work experience and apprenticeship opportunities, we love to meet and encourage young people with a creative flair for technology.


Click on the overlapping Cloudy Academy areas in the diagram below to learn more about how we’re working with local businesses and helping young people into digital services through grass roots coding and school technology projects.

Coding Clubs

School Engagement

Local Enterprise

Our Partners


Here are just a few of the external agencies and organisations we are currently working with to offer support through internships, apprenticeships and employee training schemes:

We’re helping young people to prepare

for the world of work


Our school workshops engage students in finding digital solutions that challenge them to develop their business technology and employment skills.

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