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Community-driven and industry-led initiatives to engage young people in tech



CloudyGroup’s Coding Clubs and school engagement App-Prentice Challenges are our grassroots technology projects that are focused on encouraging young people into the future digital service marketplace.


With many of the Cloudy team coming from apprenticeships, we know how empowering it can be for young people to develop their passion for digital solutions and creative media through practical learning outside the classroom, inside businesses like ours.  And from a business point of view, we also recognise the feel-good factor a business gains from supporting a young person’s employability skills and from seeing them grow in confidence as they make enterprising improvements to your business operations and become part of your team.


Our team at CloudyGroup is passionate about working with our local community to engage young people in tech. But we can’t do it alone…


We’re using our industry and commercial connections (with local like-minded local companies and Councils) to help complete the circle by providing training and career opportunities that tie to our grassroots projects as part of a much wider community-driven, industry-led initiative.


This way, together, our local community is supporting young people through unique learning and work experience opportunities that will help them fulfil their employment potential in future.

How it works


We are continually building our network of educational institutions and connected local organisations in Buckinghamshire to work together to invest in the future of our young people and our digital service industry. 


With the aim of encouraging greater entrepreneurship and helping young people into the modern digital workplace, we are developing Coding Clubs and enterprising education programmes in schools to create opportunities for practical hands-on learning with real-world work experience and apprenticeships.

Beside our training, work experience and apprenticeship Careers opportunities within CloudyGroup (in conjunction with The University of Buckingham and more recently our school engagement programme), our collaborative work with local enterprise is being piloted in Spring 2019 with Milton Keynes (MK) Parish Councils.   


Although this initiative is open to businesses across the public and private sector, we are proud to begin work on our pioneering project with Wolverton Parish Council. 


This partnership covers our grassroots tech projects to encourage young people into digital services in the following ways:

Wolverton Parish Council

Wolverton Parish Council and other MK Councils are assisting CloudyGroup to put local Coding Clubs in place for children aged from 6 – 16 years old. This collaboration will allow local young people access to learn computer coding in steps that are inspired by play and working with others to create self-made games and programs.

Mandeville School

The winning Mandeville School students from CloudyGroup’s App-Prentice Challenge 2018 have been invited to work on developing an App that serves the local community for Wolverton Parish Council. This exclusive opportunity will enable the students to experience what it’s like to manage an App building project from the initial client brief to conception, development, testing and launch of it, with full support and shared knowledge and expertise from the CloudyGroup team every step of the way.

Partners we’re currently working with and talking to

For young people


  • First-hand insight into aspirational tech careers and business operations
  • Practical adoption of skills that are valued in the workplace
  • Rewarding involvement on projects that will apply to your future work portfolio & enhance your CV
  • An unrivalled contact network for aspirational careers guidance
  • A potential source of employment

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For businesses


  • Greater community engagement & awareness/promotion of your business
  • Improved reputation from corporate social responsibility activity
  • Fresh eyes from young people influencing your business
  • Inexpensive extra resource in terms of labour and digital solutions to benefit your business (- incl. App developments)
  • A potential source of reliable & competent recruitment

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How to get involved?


Does your business want to support the next generation of skilled tech employees?


Local businesses in Buckinghamshire are supporting our community engagement initiative to provide enriched learning opportunities for students and valuable long-term relationships between schools, students & local businesses and Councils


There are several ways that your business can support our grassroot projects as part of our community-driven, industry-led initiative. Talk to us about joining our network of local enterprise providers.


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